Left to right: Hector Juarez (Executive Director), Jo Simmerly (Nurse Manager), Petra Ramirez (Office Manager & Co-Marketing Director), Raquel Blom (EWYL Director, Mentor, & Marketing Director), Linda Sigurdson (REAL Essential Education Director), Deb Nyberg (Director of Client Services/Client Advocate), Patty Iseri (E.D. Trainer), Julie Stowe (Grant Development & Education Assistant)


Christ is the foundation of this ministry.
Board members, staff, and volunteers endeavor to model Christ in every aspect of the ministry.

Board of Directors:
Sarabelle Young, Chairman
Susan Fisher, Treasurer
Bill Williams, Secretary
Kip Hicks

Medical Director:
Dr. Paul Gering Jr.
Dr. Janet Cegnar, Radiologist

Advisory Board:
Dr. Lore Wootton
Tim Helfrich
Rick Howard, CPA
Randy Martindale
Debra Alexander, FNP
Kent Sandquist, PA-C